My Hero Academia | Boku no Hero Academia, Chapter 328

6 thoughts on “My Hero Academia | Boku no Hero Academia, Chapter 328

  1. I live for mha!!! Thank you for the updates!
    UwU(Kacchan) “De- Izuku! ”
    ^w^(Deku) ” Don’t force yourself Kacchan! ”

    Can’t wait for more updates!!!! Yeee

    Tariro Reply

  2. murica fuck ya coming to save the motherfucking day ya murica fuck ya


  3. Nice, All Might has another student. Can’t wait to see her quirk and how she fights

    UzumakiBoruto Reply

  4. Star and Stripe’s Quirk (new order) allows her to set a rule onto her surroundings, allowing her to manipulate and bestow new properties onto herself and the world around her. In order to activate her Quirk, she must first make physical contact with the target and speak its name, then explain the rule she wishes to impose. She can only impose two rules at any given time.

    She can give herself additional abilities, as well as manipulate the condition of her opponent’s body. She can even use her power on incorporeal things, like the air. While there seems to be no limit to how much she can impede someone, even to the point of killing them, there is a limit on how much she can increase ones power, so she cannot give herself infinite strength. She also cannot circumvent the limitations of her Quirk with clever wording.

    In order for her Quirk to function, the target must acknowledge itself as the name that Star and Stripe identified them as; if a living target is in a state of identity crisis, then the Quirk will not effect them. Alternatively, in the case of an inanimate object, which has no sense of identity, then Star and Stripes one-sided perception of the target is enough.

    Superhuman Physical Prowess: Using one of the two rules that she can impose, Star constantly keeps herself in a state of enhanced physical ability. Strength, speed, agility, reflexes, etc.; which, while not at All Might’s level, are all still considered to be impressively high.

    Era Reply

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